Welcome Home!

We are coming together as people, sovereign and unified for the betterment of not only our community but also our home. We will each come to more fully realize that we are a Global Community, and have been for some time.

Our world is in crisis. There is unnecessary suffering from corner to corner, there is major toxic pollution, greed and social distress. Our goal is to come together as a united global community, work at solving the issues we face, ensuring a general level of living for each person on the globe and generate peace and prosperity for all future generations.

If Money didn’t matter we would each be free to seek our inner happiness. It gets no simpler. Facing the chaos around the globe our only real choice is to begin making money not matter, starting in our mind. The true Value of money is in its control over material goods, food, energy and so on. It is a tool we use to provide for ourselves. Today’s money system favors greed and is manipulated by those who profit the most. When we view all global resources as common heritage and base our economy on that fact, with an equal slice of the pie for every person as a birth right, we see that there is more than enough to provide a good standard of living and education with plenty left over to not only keep the system stable and prosperous but to allow for continued global commerce. The markets do not have to crash, the factories do not have to shut down. We do not need to fight or compete any more.