As of 2018, January

In recognizing that basic human rights are often prone to being ignored and trod upon by many governments around the globe as well as by the banking systems that controll these governing bodies the following document and web site constitutes the beginning of a charter between myself and any living human who wishes to take part. No requirement for participation can be mandated for any individual but through international charters and covenants all legitimate governments and people are REQUIRED to observe, acknowledge and respect the legitimacy of actions of the exercise of rights on this document and the entirety of this web site. Let this notice and declaration carry the same weight as international law. 

Notice of Declaration and Action,

As of this date each living human across the planet has been recognized as having a $10million credit which represents a part of their individual endowment of natural resources distributed equally, or $100,000 per year for a 100 year life expectancy thus ensuring a reasonable standard of living at what is generally considered to be middle class. This value is locked perminantly at the currency exchange rate at the time of this recognition and upon death this credit value becomes nil and canceled. This legal tender should be used by the individual and their respective governing body to stabilize infrastructure which enables the individual’s enjoyment of life and provide the individual all of the basic requirements for modern living in today’s society.

Up to this point in modern society money has been backed solely by credit and nothing truly tangible, only a promise to repay a debt. A human did not chose to be born, each is endowed with certain natural rights as divine providence including the right to a reasonable standard of living. With this recognition of equal resource ownership our economy and currency are also backed in renewing tangibility.

It’s hoped that all governments of the world quickly recognize the need to impliment this development and regulate this resource to the people who claim citizenship in their nations.

This document represents the creation and recognition of legal tender which is held in trust equally by each human being alive.

January 11, 2018

Witnessed by each individual viewing this document.

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I, named at birth in the assumed territory of the United States of America as Joshua Hickman have chosen to exercise my rights and act as a sovereign individual. I freely enter into agreement that the group that is the community of the planet earth is in fact a sovereign nation with an unwritten government. I agree to abide by the principles of ensuring human rights for all as Human Rights Defender, Ambassador and representative for the people of the planet earth community. All self appointed members of the nation that is the community of planet earth do have the right to anonymity and freely exercise this and every other human right at will. No corporation or person operating in service of any corporation or artificial person of any kind may attempt to impede the exercise and enjoyment of natural human rights.