CPE University

University of Community Planet Earth 

Founded by Joshua S. Hickman

In the furtherance of the development and empowerment of humanity using natural human rights as foundation, this university confers upon itself the right to review thesis and bestow PhD to the appropriate individual(s). This credential is to be considered equal in validity to any other degree or credential of the same professional level and confir the same rights, privlages and duties.

It has come to the attention of the community that many areas of much need human development are mostly ignored, pushed off or ridiculed entity. Advanced education, credentials and degrees have been mostly unobtainable to the poor, disabled, or people for other reasons beyond individual control.¬†In this modern era behavior that diminishes human capacity for development and expression of human rights is entirely unacceptable. It is for not just this reason that The University of Community Planet Earth must come into being. Individuals are welcome to submit thesis for consideration to warchild.exile@gmail.com subject “Thesis”, if a credential is awarded the submitted material will become public knowledge and displayed on this website.


Primary areas of consideration currently are:

-Human rights, their support and empowerment.

-Resource based economy, implementation

-Cosmology and the study of intelligent extraterrestrial phenomena

-Political corruption, remedy

This list is by no means exclusive.