We are actively, as a group of people living on a single planet, working toward global unity. It is a natural process of evolution or development of society. Today we can communicate with people from every part of the world via the internet, cell phones, postal deliveries to name a few.

The foundations of the modern civilization are inherently flawed. Corruption and neglect overpower unity and the prosperity of the whole. There is no starting point, there is a transition in thinking. An understanding that we are all equal, that we are all entitled from birth to the same basic standard of living, under the ideal society. This is what we intend to create, or develop further as the world evolves.

Understand that we as individuals are sovereign, natural born citizens of mother Earth. As such, as a birthright we each share an equal portion to all global resources and their value on any modern market. As citizens of the Earth we are also entitled to pursue our individual happiness, understanding that everyone else has the same entitlements that we do.

Our governments today have failed us, nearly everywhere. Our economies are run by individuals or small groups, who also participate in our governments. Our money has no value other than what we are told, in many cases it is little more than an I.O.U. to a banking entity. The old system must give way. Our money should be a direct value in relation to a global resource pool/global potential product.

Our leaders must be appointed from the communities they are to represent, with groups of leaders selected the same way to oversee the proper functioning of the system. Leader selection must be based on true merit of character. Total and complete transparency are an absolute must.

We are not here to perform a coup on governments of the world, instead we are here to generate and support committees which oversee our governments and economy. Ensuring that every voice is listened to, our individual freedom is enforced and we each get our equal share which is our natural birth right.

Military and police forces will be used only to ensure the basic rights and freedoms of the citizens of this world.

Medicine, Science and History must also be reviewed. The purpose of medicine should be to Cure, to Heal. Today in much medicine the effort is to address symptoms but not the primary problems, essentially profiteering on the Industry. Science is in a similar state, technology is not made available to the public which could eliminate many of the global woes, again for profit of small groups. History, we will find, is not exactly as we have come to believe according to our education systems at large. We are looking at an amazing period of Growth, Rebirth and Renewal in the near future.