This will outline the general reasons for us to consider our selves a unified Global Community.

To begin with, we each should know Empathy….

To boil this down into its simplest form, the purpose is to unite all human beings across the globe under an understanding that we are all equal and we are all one World. Healing old wounds and patching bridges between people is a primary focus. We don’t have to be willing to all hold hands but we at least have to understand that we eat at the same table. No matter what religion, political affiliation, race, gender, orientation or disability we all share the same level playground we call home, Earth. We are different because deep down we are all the same, we all have the same value in the grand scheme of life and that is Priceless.

Getting a bit more technical, we are a Unified Global Civilization if for no reason other than our Internet. We can communicate across the globe nearly instantly. We can also communicate with farther reaches using Postal Services. We can travel to nearly any point in the world, given the right vehicles and access.

Our world is United, we now are beginning to come together. With a renewed vision and sense of purpose the barriers we have before us will fall, our world will prosper and we will all begin to feel true freedom.

*On a Personal note.  My purpose for creating this web site was to fulfill a need in my self born from realizing that our Human Rights which are natural and intrinsic to us from our creation have not been enforced by modern governments. This principle of enforcement is what gave rise to the formation of great movements empowered by documents such as the Declaration of Independence For the United States, the Constitution, the UDHR, state constitution and charters as well as those of other nations across the globe. Government is meant to help generate, enforce and protect an environment of peaceful community among people and to ensure that our natural rights are enforced and protected, that they are never eroded in any way. Creating global statements on the internet is a legal way of peacefully declaring actions taken by citizens for their own protection in the face of and in response to tyranny as well as other abuses.