Renewed Economy

Please enjoy an incredible, cute but truth filled cartoon which clearly illustrates the source and abuse of money

In today’s world wealth and riches are measures of success, and there is nothing wrong with that, as long as the rewards do not come through injustice. Through reclaiming our economy and becoming the very backers and investors who profit the most from a successful society we will be able to eliminate the environment where injustice can grow. We, each of us by right of birth are entitled to an equal measure of global worth. By applying this value to a commercial program we reinforce our global economies with true assets which we all own a piece of, entitling us each to a very nice standard of living which is fully funded from birth and grows as economic growth occurs, new resources are discovered, production techniques improve all while life enriching technology is brought to the forefront of scientific development.

We do not have to abandon today’s economy, contrary to common thought. We have to reinforce it. Money once represented a tangible commodity, in many cases Gold. The resources of the world include much much more than just gold. The potential in natural resources on a global scale will be the foundation of our improved economy and¬†everyone is entitled to an equal slice. From each slice comes the needed funding for operating the system to include providing for universal standard of living. Of course there is plenty left over for individual commerce and rewards for working, going to school, running factories and businesses, art and design or just contributing to the growth of our society. Each thing we do earns more rewards and more currency, like today only with abundance for all. A portion of our combined global wealth is used to fund and power the global economies and governments while we find that we can enjoy living.

In order to understand how this system works you have to be familiar with the ground work and the numbers. An estimated value of the total global resource would be well beyond 2 quadrillion dollars. This is the value we will use to fund our global economy, it is the tangible asset. Each individual slice of that fund is mostly static, only changing when additional living population is added.  The estimated global population of our community is below 8 billion. We are going to use liberal estimates in our calculations which will favor growth and allow for adjustments. With these figures we can safely say that each individual living on planet Earth right now has a minimum net worth of at least $250,000. This is the hedge we will use to finance all government, industry, research, medical services, infrastructure and all the other civil needs and duties which society depends upon. The cost per person to cover all of the essential structure is less than $1000 per year, this guarantees funding from each person for at minimum 250 years. With continued research and development we will come to find new resources which will continue to add to our overall economic value.

Currently, the estimated global wealth in existing currency is about 300 trillion dollars in value, which will be essentially ignored at first. These numbers, this money is bankrupt in the modern day. We are to use a percentage of our global wealth to financially back the current economies through out the World and ensure that our money continues to hold its worth with the understanding that all debt through out the world will be eliminated, dismissed and a piece of the past.

Taxes. Since all of the operating costs come from the core contribution of each person all taxation is abolished.