The Numbers

To get a general idea of what we are looking at it is important to visualize how global wealth is a measure of natural resources more than the value of the currency. Here is a quick list for a reference of the value in dollars of some natural resources, 10 of the top resource rich countries. If we add the entire value of All natural resources from each region and include a general concept of the Dollar value from the rest of available resources (fish in the sea and everything else) across the globe, the number would be staggering. Estimated well beyond 2 quadrillion dollars, easily, it represents our potential. This is money in the bank for all who are entitled, which works out to be everybody.

The next step, the cash. How is our money backed, really? By What? We use it to buy things but what really gives cash its backing? The Banks? No. Our economy is based solely on the value of available natural resources. In the past currency has been back in the way of securities on stockpiles of gold and other commodities. Today, money is little more than an “I owe You” managed through banking entities. In truth, the value of all money and all economies are in the value of the Earth’s stockpile. To take these resources and use them is in effect an I owe You to the people. We are each entitled to an equal portion of all profit.

As a starting point, using our global resources to back our economy, the total global value in today’s dollars is a minimum of 2 quadrillion. The global population is less than 8 billion people which gives each person an equal value of a minimum of $250,000. From the $2 quadrillion a percentage will be held as tangible backing for all global economies, which is the asset used for the security. With this backing we will ensure that all governments are funded and economies are held stable. From the rest we will build and ensure a wonderful standard of living for all.

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