Solar System

We are ready to continue further exploring what is beyond our little blue planet. Many questions have been asked through out history, sciences and cultures have existed and faded as a result of studying the stars. What is out there? How can it benefit us while we treat whats out there with the same respect we are learning to show our selves and our planet? How far can our interactions go, will we be able to develop new mining and refining technology beyond the Earth?

The Solar System is highly abundant in natural resources, far more so than we estimate in modern theory, be sure. New technology is possible, things we have yet to see, by developing refining and manufacturing techniques off world. These are sciences we must begin to understand.

More long living questions. Are We Alone? Is there life beyond this rock? Are there Intelligent beings? Like Us? Have any ever visited this planet? Can we talk to them? Are they friendly? Where have they been for so long, if they are really out there? This train of thought could continue for a while. The “Why” is simple, potential friendships if for nothing else.

Regarding intelligent off world life, or ET’s. The subject has been considered taboo by main stream scientific communities for as long as anyone remembers, while reality points the other way. Very well known and respected people come forward with additional information constantly, an example would be Edgar Mitchell – Apollo 14. The insurmountable evidence indicates that we not The Singular Life Bearing Planet but there are indeed many others, with intelligent civilizations of a wide variety. Some of whom could be extremely ancient and highly developed while others may be more in the early stages of their cosmic introduction, like we are while some may be in even earlier states of development, like we were. Some might look like us while others do not. The truth seems to be right before us and unavoidable. As an analogy, in a fair court of law the evidence would literally be beyond a reasonable doubt.

Why have they not contacted us? Are they hiding? In fact, the evidence again shows that we may Have been semi officially contacted several times in the past. One story is of Val Thor,  look him up, myth or real, judge for yourself. Then we can take a look at the exponentially growing number of UFO sightings, the reported and occasionally documented interactions with ET people. Now consider ancient architecture all over the world, much of which we would struggle to recreate today, constant new crop formations and all of the rest. It could be that “They” may be Here and interacting with us, and possibly may have been here for a very long time. If so, They do not seem to wish to interfere with our development, simple as that. We should renew efforts to make contact if there are truly ET people among the stars, if we do we must realize that they are likely flesh and blood just like us though possibly very different looking and in physiology. They would likely have the same basic consciousness structure that we do. Their technology and wisdom would clearly be far beyond our own, and they are likely organized from peace loving civilizations. If this is true, we could have some wonderful friends and mentors. Perhaps one day we could help mentor additional blooming civilizations.