World Leaders

Up to this point our world leaders have failed us. Our economies and diplomatic relationships are strung with chaos and corruption. Corporations influence politics while we are watching our general health and liberties erode.

Understand first that every unit of resource, how ever it is measured or extracted, is inherently the property of each and every living person on the globe (Oil, gold, silver, trees, stone gravel, air, fish in the sea and on). To mine or extract from our resource pool is to borrow against all people’s common wealth, which will in turn continue to drive the engine of our economy. We now have realized these facts and there is no denying them. The empires which have been built through out history, some that exist even to this day, are all powered by their economy, no society in history has ever been with out some form of trade.

As a modern and global civilization we are at a crossing point, a final realization that each person is equal and entitled to a standard quality of living guaranteed and overseen by their representative leadership. Also, again, we are realizing that all of the natural resources in, on or around the globe are common property and belong to all people world wide.

These realizations are to become major catalysts in the ever changing world. We are at a new Era, one where prosperity and freedom flourish. Due to poor leadership our world economies are nearly bankrupt, if they are not already completely broke. World currencies have little or no true backing, as once most of them represented a portion of gold or other natural resource. The resource pool just became a whole lot larger and everyone owns and equal slice.