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In truth these messages are not meant to predict global destruction which would result in an end world scenario, quite the opposite. We are made to foster a sense of pending doom through many sources that abound in our waking lives. We are made to feel this way as it is a required component of the system of control which has enslaved our civilization, keeping us from advancing beyond the destructive paths that have lead us into this calamity. We are taught to fear, we are made to feel individually powerless so that we give up our decision making and put that power in the hands of people we have been fooled into believing we voted into office. We each have the choice and the power to make changes and build a better world, starting with compassion toward each other, ending millenia of hatred that has been bred into our nature which has resulted in a powerful system of control that serves a very small group.

It is up to us to save ourselves and the only way we can do that is to declare sovereignty as a people and a planet. WE have known about planet X (the brown dwarsfstar system with the planet Nibiru in orbit) since at least the 50’s. In fact Time magazine did an amazing article back then which told all about it, but the article also said to not worry because it wouldn’t be here for another 60ish years… Well, that 60 years is over and this “planet X” has already come and gone, is now on its way back out on its 3600 year orbit. In this world, as human beings who came to live on this planet we are here to learn and grown, our souls are born into this world to provide an opportunity for growth through experience. Each experience teaches us something, most are valuable lessons that we probably wont “get” until we return from this 3rd dimension manifestation we call life. As sad is it is for us to consider but much is learned through pain and suffering, it is unfortunate but it is true. For starters it can teach us the errors we have made in the past, think about people like Adolf Hitler and the suffering that resulted from that whole mess. We should have learned A LOT from that pain and suffering. Did we?

The rich do not have a golden ticket, like in the movie Day After Tomorrow. About their only option once things change is to abandon the earth and live on Mars, there is already a huge colony on that planet so this plan is well under way.

In the recent past there have been many nukes disarmed, this is not the first nor will it be the last (I assume). Chances are that the catalyst, assuming it is plutonium, was likely rendered inert somehow followed by a disruption in this missile’s population which lead to it disintegrating in the atmosphere. Mostly opinion based on observed facts.

You are absolutely right on the amount of proof, the problem is that most people are stuck, hypnotized and dismiss any evidence that we could present… they dismiss it completely out of hand and laugh at it in many cases, but you can not fault the people, the best we can do is to work at removing the illusion that has lead to our blindness and our dying world. About the only method we have to work this problem is to continue what we are doing here by discussing what is really going on and becoming more aware, more conscious on every level that we can understand. In this mortal shell we are limited, our minds are not nearly as handicapped as we have come to believe it is, as we have been trained to believe. Neither we nor our planet is doomed, again that is what the elite cartels would like (need) you to believe. If you have hope and truly share compassion for the world and the people then our planet will never been doomed.

Should we blame existent aliens instead? Sir, mankind is not responsible for our enslavement nor are aliens. A small group of people have been pulling those strings for millenia, only now that we are becoming more aware is it becoming so much worse. We are on the verge of a massive transformation and growth, the enslavement will subside and people will be free. We can make the liberation of humanity and the earth a lot easier, with each conversation and “awakening to the truth” of another person the path becomes a little less rocky.

Mankind is the sum of the whole of the people who inhabit this planet. The elite cartels have made their decisions to exclude them selves from the rest long ago, these are the small group that I refer to. Yes they are still part of mankind but through the years they have created a system that has kept us in an animalistic mind state, enslaving us for their own benefit with no regards to the mass whole of mankind…

Do away with money and the need for it and we have disrupted the system of control that we have been enslaved by.

This tragedy among many others are a result of human works and have nothing to do with the Pleadians. We are here to grow and learn from our mistakes (and successes). We all have to take steps to remove the system that controls us, that allows such things to transpire and cause massive pollution. We can not expect “them” to solve all or any of our problems, they are ours to solve. Do you clean up a teenager’s room or does it make you proud to see him/her clean it them selves, and learn to keep it clean in the future?

Your question is fully valid Jay. It is true, the playing field needs to be leveled if we stand a remote chance of overturning the current situation. As it sits, we (as the teenagers) have no power, we do not have the ability to unite and make a clear statement that we reject the oppression/corruption/slavery that has been cast upon us. Even if we were to unite under this common banner it would be quickly shut down through the same methods that have kept us all in check and under the thumb of the ruling cartel(s). We are made to believe (falsely) that we as individuals are powerless, that the government and military will do what’s right. Sadly this tactic has worked extremely well and is the very reason that (the vast majority of) people sit idle, we tend to believe that someone else will fix our problems. The only answer is to turn off our dependence on the economy, to share and give the necessities of life to others when we are able and stand for the right of all to pursue individual happiness. Again, we have been hypnotized since birth against this very premise, that our group/society/country is somehow superior to others. It is this very selfishness that has allowed the cartels to continue to control the rest, which is something that these very cartels have fostered and grown using any tactic at their disposal. If all we are doing is waiting for catastrophy or other peoples to intervene then we have chosen to accept the situation as we are doing nothing to stop it. However, if we continue to spread knowledge and develop ideas/plans that will lead us out of this horrid mess then we are doing the best we can in the current scenario. To earn our right to stand with our interstellar brothers and sisters we have to prove to ourselves that we will not live under the system that has caused so much damage to the planet, to society and to the freedom of the people of the world from all corners. What can we do, really? First, realize that we are all people, we are all of the same basic consciousness and deserve access to the basics of life to include the opportunity to be educated and pursue personal happiness, ALL OF US. It does not matter what so ever what country a person is from, what religion is believed in or how a person chooses to live as long as those choices to not deprive another of her/his personal happiness in any way. Secondly we have to present the facts to all, show all people they have the same rights to freedom and happiness as everyone else. Third, we have to show compassion, even to those who work at keeping us suppressed, even to the elite cartels. They too are human beings who have been caught up in the lies and corruption, they too deserve forgiveness and a chance to mend their ways for the benefit of all peoples. We have to begin building a new system, today, right now, that is based on freedom and responsibility. How? It starts inside of the individual and from there spreads to another…From there we form unity, an agreement much like the constitution and empower ourselves to share technology and ideas that will lead us out of this modern “dark age”.

Yesterday is over, can not be undone and its purpose is to teach us. Tomorrow is just out of reach, it is our responsibility to prepare. Now is all there is, for some a starting point for others another step on the trail. Time allows us to grow, it is our choice how we grow.

do you seriously think that information like that would be made available to the public in this day and age? Do you not think that the controlling factors would keep the very information that you request under tight wraps and only disclose disinformation? How many times do we have to be shown that “THEY” lie to us constantly and cover up their actual activity? How much proof do people need to awaken to the FACT that humans as we know them are not the only intelligent, civilized beings coming to this planet? There is enough solid evidence and testimony from highly credible sources (leaders of countries, high ranking military and government officers to name just a few) that prove beyond reasonable doubt that we are definitely not alone and there is a community of ET’s standing on our doorstep waiting for us to eliminate our severe case of colocranial impaction.

With regards to the recent russian rocket there is no telling why the specifics were not given. The specifics to most situations are not given. Technological details are out side of the scope of these conversations for the most part. Videos that are brought to the public are mostly sub par, sure but there are many that are very clear but even those are simply dismissed as CGI or a hoax of some type. Our society has been lead to view this entire subject as taboo, as a fools quest by the mainstream communities. Remember the laughter that Regan drew during an address where he made mention of life from outside of this planet? Talk about Aliens in public earshot and chances are people will view you as crazy in most situations no matter what evidence is presented. If you want credible interviews look at the Sirius Disclosure channel here on youtube, there is a lot more detail with regards to experiences and technology there. There would be a massive reaction by the public if enormous ships appeared around the globe, there would be chaos and panic. This is part of what the Elite are hoping for, it could give them a way of convincing many of us that we are being invaded when in reality it would be those Elites creating the havoc.

your frustration is completely understood. To start with, we are not all doomed we are only made to feel that way. It is a major part of the illusion that has been cast upon all of us through media and our society. It is a way to control people or make them behave a certain way (the best way to manipulate a person is to mess with their sense of eternity). Secondly, you are doing great work by helping animals and trying to clean up the planet. Doing your best to is the best you can do, put love in and love comes out. There are many others who do not share that mentality and those people will by their nature bring you down and make you feel negative. Remember, your positivity is truly a blessing in this world especially since it is difficult for you to see it or that you are living in a world that has turned its head away from real “caring”. Third, I would bet that you are being answered though it is pretty clear that the messages are not coming through the way you expect them to. A main basis for all language is emotion, emotion is part of the root of all consciousness. The best thing you can do is still your own  mind, relax and loose the sense of yourself. Reach outward and feel… you may be surprised what reaches back especially once you are a little more practiced in the techniques. We are all here as a family even if we do not realize it or reject it for what ever reason, we are all brothers and sisters. My hand is reached out toward you, to help you stand and mine is not the only one… remember that when you start feeling a little down about things. I’m not saying this stuff to sound nice and what not, I am saying these things to you because it is how I feel deep in my own being.

you have friends here. Even though we are staring at a computer screen and it all seems sort of “not real” remember that it is real. Like you I am another person sitting at a keyboard, but we both share the same essence, we both share consciousness and that is eternal.

It is good that you have hope. Hope is love, it is part of being at peace in your heart. I too have never had any type of physical encounter with our brothers and sisters among the stars, I’m sure it would be an amazing and life changing event. Maybe I should try honey…. ;)~ Most of the time I struggle with the belief that I am completely insane, feeling a different viewpoint than most people seem to be aware of. All of which leaving a sense of being stunted or deprived of spiritual growth to the greatest potential. I assume this is a normal experience to most of people who seek greater harmony of all there is. The closest experience I can say I’ve had with our friends would be deep in my own mind, those times where I feel I’ve touched the essence I the root of awareness… The part of you that actually hears the sound, tastes the apple..

None of us are ever alone though it sure does feel that way often doesn’t it? It is so easy to wonder “am I just insane…. are these thoughts, feelings, visions nothing more than a sick mind?”…. Staring up at the stars each night, reaching out into the cosmos… reaching IN to the cosmos…. to have a connection form only to fade. “I feel like I am pure and good (every being has their flaws) and worthy of new friends”. It is wrong to think that we have chosen to be borne here because we were “bad” in a past life. This world is significant, what is happening is important. There are beings here who seek harmony and it is very important to assist with that mission, especially if we seem to have a little more clarity (even if we are a little lost in ourselves, not seeing our place clearly). Love is unbounded, love is a state of being. To love is to work at uniting others in harmony with no sense of needing reward. It seems (I am beginning to feel lately) that truth does not come from external sources, can not be found by doing 1+1 at any level. Once harmony is reached on a quantum/intergalactic level truth is an afterthought. Yea, babbling…. again…. its what I do. Thanks for reading, all of the minds coming through these little text boxes have made so much difference, and I appreciate that…. Hanging on to hope 😉

Hopefully sooner but patience seems to be a virtue.. If I’m not nuts after all, if any friends recognize me “out and about” is welcome to say hello, I promise I won’t scream…. and would love learning about you and your culture(s)

I speak from place deep within myself when I tirade or ramble in these pages, I only allow myself to say what I feel to be likely or true. If my words condemn groups of people for wrong doing, concealing important facts or enslaving people then they condemn groups of people. However that is  not to say the fault is exclusive. I am not here to argue points of view or find fault in how someone views the facts, each perspective is unique and just as significant as another. I am here to share and to speak, so thanks for the opportunity”

The farther along the path of evolution we go the greater our point of view becomes. At level 0-1 our perspective is very lacking where it comes to the spiritual nature of the universe, the true mechanics of creation even though we sense there is “more than meets the eye”. We are still small children, try to explain to a small child the workings of a combustion engine exhaust system. While they can see the tailpipe and smell the fumes, explain the workings of why and where the fumes come from and they will simply have a vacant expression on their face… in most cases…. As our soul develops, its point of view becomes far greater. Imagine standing on the sea shore and looking across the vastness of the water before you. Now, get into a hot air balloon ( the growth of the soul in this context ) and rise into the air. Imagine how the view changes the farther up you go, imagine how the world becomes round as opposed to flat looking, imagine how (if you were able to go out far enough) the earth would look from the distance of the moon. Take that back to the sea shore and compare, it is an example of the nature of perspective growth through soul development. In my opinion.

This world is to become a beacon of peace and knowledge which shines brightly through the galaxy, many ET civilizations are here to lend a hand if and when needed, some are a bit more involved than that. The fact of the matter is that these technologies have already been brought out to the public but in most if not all cases the inventors are either paid off (sell their ideas to companies who bury them) or the inventors are out right murdered. There have been engines that run on water, there have been electricity generators which not only pull power from the zero point but also can produce an anti gravity effect. These are facts which the public is kept from knowing, should we have free energy (which we absolutely need) then the consumeristic slavery system would begin to collapse and the PTB will fight that to their last breath. The ET’s are here to guide and teach us, not to arm us with weapons and if they were to give us technology in the current context of this civilization then those PTB would most certainly turn it into weapons with abilities that we can not fathom. Only when we can begin to come together as a unified world, as a sovereign planet working toward peace and unity of its people will we be granted these technologies, only when the PTB are gone and their suppression has been dismantled will our people be able to bring their inventions to the public for the benefit of the entire world.

This is a question that you have to answer for yourself, seek your own truth. Plenty of us believe that it is possible, well because it is possible. We have been trained to reject such notions since birth. The most important idea that you can take away from any of this is that each of us HAS to work toward compassion and unity of the people and the world (not to mention the universe) as a whole. We each have to connect with our individual and immortal consciousness, once we do this then questions such as “is Mythi real”…. will no longer matter so much. The question I have for you is, Why would he NOT be real?

ET people do not “run things” here on Earth. While they are present, while they do observe and intervene when absolutely necessary, and even though there are not so good ET’s out there who would see us as little more than lab rats or potentially even less than that, the ET civilizations do not run our civilizations. People are responsible for our own woes and the damage that we are doing to our selves and this world. You are absolutely correct, we could be doing much better as a whole. The major issue is that the PTB (powers that be – human elite who run things) are working tirelessly at keeping us in this savage and barbaric state of mind, at war with each other, divided and destroying this beautiful world. They are trying to maintain control uf us while we awaken to the unification and growth we are beginning to experience, they want to stop this by keeping us at a level 0 mind set through vices and hatred, greed and corruption. Their control is slipping, they know it. Soon we will begin to purge them from our world, from positions of power and we will unify as a sovereign planet who’s people seek peace, knowledge and truth.

My friend, we will soon realize that many civilizations advanced or elementary have religion. It’s religion used as social control where we encounter problems. That happens often, I’m sure, in developing societies but likely not at all once they enter level 1 on up. At those levels of spirituality our perspective on more universal facts broadens greatly. Standing at the shore of level zero with no reference point it is easy for young souls to feel as though the bright life giving light in the sky is a god. In part they might be right, all matter contains life in some form. Taking this concept to a being or group that has a far greater point of view it seems likely that the people living among the stars have their own connections to “God” as the Concept that is our creation and existence. Why are we here, where are we going? These questions we do not have on our own, they are a driving idea for minds which conceptualize their own existence.

I would like to point out, there is a law that in the US (1963 if I am correct) makes it illegal for Us to have contact with Aliens (Extra Terrestrials in This case) which violates natural rights of the people here in the forms of our constitution(s) (UDHR included, read it, it certainly applies) as well as certain declarations of independence. A Law which violates Constitutionally implied and enforced rights is invalid. No penalty can be applied upon Us for contact with Intelligent People Anywhere or From Anywhere. Just saying. Good evening. ;)~

Tell me about it Brother. Is this going to happen…? Is it happening now…? I gotta clear my head… *Edit – It’s a Manufactured Social Disease that created the Enabling of this Human Abuse. Deliberately trying to use mild words, this is what gets me the Most heated. While people make their own choices, in the recent decades we have All been victimized and trained to Think and Act in specific ways, trained to reject and attack ideas that conflict with the Establishment Agenda. In many cases we have been trained to have almost instinctual negative reactions to many things that might otherwise help liberate our thinking and then our society. Until we Individuals Come Awake and start to realize whats going on, thanks to people before us trying to show us things that we might not have seen otherwise. We can have all the knowledge but what can we do with it? It’s suppose to be power…? Knowledge…. Yes, many of these people will eventually filter off from our world, through natural selection (in a sense). This genocide is a horrible way to conduct it. We lose the potential for so much beauty with each person abused or killed. I am Sure that Many of those people that may or may not be taken to these places are Those who Will Stay, and reincarnate on this World as Level 1. Many of those who the Elite consider Acceptable will Be Naturally Filtered Off. No one deserves a Detention Camp or Execution.

In reality UBI (universal basic income)is exactly what this world needs right now, with out waiting 12 years. Which, I might add, is a bogus experiment with the purpose of delaying development of such a noble project. An effort to keep the economy in check by those who would stand to lose their control. To succeed in UBI a rewrite of the economy has to take place, but this can happen nearly instantly with the throw of a switch. Sure, sooner or later our society will evolve past the need of currency but for the time being we have to work with what is in front of us while we grow. To progress from this point, understand that all economy is a tool for Fruit of Human Development. Human development is not an individual experience exclusively, more importantly it is experienced by the progression of civilization. Meaning, we each have an equal natural entitlement which includes natural human rights. One of which has been defined as the right to a quality standard of living, in the UDHR. Taking these concepts and applying them all into the working mechanics of our economic community we can start to realize that Each of us By Birth own an equal portion of human capacity, being materialistically, resources both raw and manufactured. Resources, that is a very broad concept. It can include concepts such as human labor as a contribution. We can now apply a material value as a representation of this potential and physical asset, dividing the asset equally to all natural living residents of the world, we have just reinforced our Economy as well as our standard of living for Each Person Alive instantly. I am summarizing here a bit toward the end but I feel as though most folks get my point here. Great Topic, in my view.

As long as an Economy is built around a general concept of perpetual debt, either through creating this debt or reinforcing this debt or both, then the system will eventually fail. An Economy that Works For the People who work within its confines, an economy that is represented by tangible backing through providing each individual a good standard of living, and economy that is stabilized through the support of Equal Ownership and Representation is the only Economy that will bring about a society which is completely Just for All its People as well as responsible for caring for the Environment.

Not to drone on about it but for folks to see highly advanced people working together the way that we imagine and have been shown CG type of groups work, aspirations that they have for community achievement and such, well Frankly I Believe that Many in our societies across the globe kind of Need to see such a Working Model. If for no reason other that to be shown that even though others look very different they care very deeply about one another.

If I may I would like to paste in a personal story about Racism, just to show that the negativity that others show sometimes does not truly have to make us Hate. This is a True story from my early adult hood. I will keep it short. I attended Job Corps in Oneonta NY in (If I remember correctly) 1990. I was one of a small handful of white Students, 99ish% were Black, some Hispanic, most from NYC or Albany. While there I was tortured and beaten, jumped, humiliated and assaulted on a regular basis by a few people from some of those “minority groups” who did these things because I was White, they made it Clear that these things happened because “White Men are Pu$sies”. At one point I had a 3 bladed hand weapon, like Wolverine’s claws, held to my belly and throat while being held by 3 others. I did lose some blood that day. The final straw. My reports to administration went unrecorded and ignored so I took my GED test, passed it and Ran away from the program early one morning. Hopped a Grey Hound and not too long after I joined the Army. It was not the Black Race who treated me this way. It was a Few Ignorant Clowns who likely spent many of the following years in Prison or worse. I still can have many many close friends of Any Race or Origin, it is Enlightening.

In my opinion, through my own interpretation as well as some of my own thoughts on the subject, Brain Activation is a Natural Mechanical Function that occurs when the Biological Device that is our Brain is being influenced by the Being’s personal Frequency. After that, it is a matter of trying to figure out the best way for an individual to raise their own Frequency.

And we are All the Same Race. It does not Matter At All the Shade of our skin or our molecular composition. How many times has it been suggested that All that Matters is an individual being’s personal frequency? Many many. I love the Fact that we have such Diversity. Even though it has been used as a tool to drive wedges between us. Times are changing. WE are ALL starting to know how equal we all are. That is a step beyond PreSchool.

The cool thing is that we don’t have to decide consciously if we are ready or not, that part of our nature is already known to those who would elect to contact us. My guess is that it is mostly obvious to “Them”. Think of how dogs can react to certain people who have a bad vibe, we feel it too, just like our alien friends. In their cases, with greater degree of Natural Brain Activation (genetics of the civilization born into), they automatically have a much greater understanding and use of these functions that we are only starting to understand in open science. So, if you feel and act with a true heart then your efforts can not go unnoticed. Those are the energies which influence the “Brightness of our Aura”, or frequency.

One of the greatest visible benefits of Rising in Level as a Society is observing the wonderful leaps and bounds that our following generations can end up making. Our kids, grand kids, great grand kids and so on. Today we see manifestation of certain clear signs of Level 1 genetic activation in some of our small children. Imagine Their grand kids, which in some cases will be Our Own Souls coming back into this 3d experience…..

I think we have a misunderstanding. This was not a prison planet. In the case of Earth, it was effectively isolated to develop into a global civilization at level one incorporated with CG when ready. Mostly left to develop on its own until the proper time, one mission is to find ways for different ethnicities to codevelop from early stages. The planet has never been a prison, the Society has been made to work like one though, by Human covet behavior

If we were born into This world then our natural rights ARE self executing. Meaning we do Not have to claim them or inform anyone, one right is to not to be held in servitude or slavery. It’s impossible to have a Just Government that defends our rights when it assumes that our rights don’t self execute. Our Rights are natural and intrinsic from our conception on through our birth and life. And they Are Self Executing.

We are still in slavery. Every waking moment… Even those of us who have become aware of the agenda and have tuned ourselves to a harmonious way of thinking and behaving…. Even those of us who haven’t. Do you think They (the ones hiding) have not suffered through having to endure watching helplessly from the sidelines for the Benefit of the Future of the Colony over the individual suffering through time…? A hard choice. Yet through our struggles we have gained great strength that is not common in this Universe, great wisdom. By We I do not mean just the souls who have embodied on this world. This Mission that we call Planet Earth is far older and much more encompassing than any Being alive today. It’s the same mission which lead to the creation of this universe. Ours is just a step, a small but very important one. So is the same with the individuals who have “Hidden in Underwater Cities…”.. This colony is one of a broad and divergent origins. Cultures, even though all Humanoid, have been placed here to Generate a Beacon of Development and Harmony through out the Universe. Histories will reflect the sacrifices that we endure.

“There are no Gods or Demons involved….” I understand what you are saying and in the context it was used, however You and others working around this world from outside of my own society likely clearly see how sick our Elite class has been and continues to be. I won’t go into details but more and more fear mongering has been used to control the mind of the population, especially under the disguise of Religion. Gods and Demons Are involved in these Human behaviors, this fear is being projected onto You Guys. Our people use Demons and Gods to control the minds of many, mostly due to a depriving of real education. Now, due to public unawareness our People in the more consumer driven societies are being socially engineered to believe that The Agenda between the Elite and Aliens mean that Non Surface Society People En Total are the Enemy.

…Two primary reasons. Hearts and minds. If people do not receive a little something here or there they become more difficult to control, plus it’s a great source for tax revenue and political posturing. In the end it is mainly a distraction, shifting the focus on a large scale. My opinion, the prohibition on marijuana was absurd from the beginning.

The goal is to stabilize our economy and subsequently our society. The process has steps, much of the first is already completed. There is currently a database running that, among several functions, reports the estimated value in US Dollars that each person alive has as right of birth. This figure is based upon a calculation whereby we each own an equal slice of the sum of available resources, 4/5ths of which is representational of our potential to refine nature into assets(more or less). As of right now, by this database, every human alive has net worth of more than $100million, US. The next phase of step one is to Sign into being, like the progenitors of the US did, a charter which defines the function of overseeing this Commonwealth fund. I will wait for now to go deeply into details to shorten the reading time from this post, but please ask questions! The meat of the context of this conversation, how to take their wealth away. One function of the fund we just talked about is to provide a tangible backing of our currencies and economies through ownership. Meaning, the direct ownership of the currency and economy is held by the entirety of the population equally. In the first part of step two we will look at the distribution of currency or wealth, and seize money and assets that are being held by Proven Criminal Elite and the corporations and pseudogoverments”owned and operated” by those individuals. This is only a piece of the pie. I can give the formulas and calculations used as well as answer any questions. Shall we continue?

That is exactly one of the important points, that we are entitled and obligated to self regulate. To take it further We are to ensure individual specific rights to All especially if we wish to be a mature society. That said, it’s up to us to organize, acknowledge and propagate a structure that supports social harmony and development. We are hindered by our Criminal Elite, and by the laws they made (at least in the US) we have evidence to convict many of them for felonies, which by default disallows them from holding any public office. Taking it further, if they are not fit to govern then who is? We Are.