Full Resolution Photographs

A series of “Orbs” and other oddities which often appear in my photographs. All of these were taken by the same camera within the past 2 or so years of the original post date. Consider this a personal online visual journal. I plan in the future to describe my experiences, how to find them and correctly identify certain items in pictures, as well as my own personal thoughts on what this phenomena may be and I am always open for friendly conversation. -Joshua 

-Uploaded 2/01/2017

The following is a bit deeper of a study of these orbs. In some photographs are water droplets caused by very light rainfall. In future images I will show clear comparisons of water from rain and falling from a gutter but with clear orbs int he photos to be more clear on telling the difference when looking for this phenomena. You will also find an exhale of breath sequence in these images, again as comparison with orbs. Enjoy. Please feel free to send emails and ask questions if you would like. You can find my address in the Notes section of this website.

The following images were take between September 12 2016 and November 15 2016

-Uploaded 1/31/2017

The following series are some photographs taken late fall 2015 in Rose NY.


Uploaded 1/30/2017

The Following 4 Photographs are in succession, showing not only orbs but more importantly an object that can be seen moving across the view from right to left.

I will be updating this page regularly with more photos