Thoughts and Quotes

Just a few words for inspiration

“We are as artists, technologists, philosophers, curious and sentimental as you, we aim at social harmony at all levels… …otherwise, there would be no sense for development.”

“This is to respond to a request by JoseH yesterday, regarding Ideas about fixing this mess. To begin with, this is only a personal concept and simplified for the chat, some will resonate with folks and some will not, there will be questions comments and answers I’m sure. To start with, the ground work. A basic change in the view of economics. To become familiar with realistic concepts look at The Venus Project’s summary of a Resource Based Economy and there are many other proposals if you dig a little. The Elite’s power comes from money, eliminate the value of money completely. This would require a ready to go system to replace today’s which is already in effect before today’s was abandoned/incorporated into a more modern practice. The true value of our economy is in it’s control over products, food, energy and so on. Looking at the natural resources of the planet as common, each person has a base entitlement of the sum value of the global domestic product. Each slice of the pie is equal, thus creating the ability to generate and ensure a basic standard of living to each person. Performing services (jobs, getting educated, design, humanitarian work etc) grants bonuses or perks, basically you get another catalog of things to pick from or limited edition home designs, vehicles or vacation trips. The more you do for the world the more rewards you earn, kind of thinking. To shorten this, the style of “governments” would be good people representing communities, from the micro to the macro. To continue, in a timely fashion, this would hinge on an initial investment along with agreements made with CG *(Collaborative Group)* representatives. Weapons manufacture would be ended, except for basic hunting and personal self/home defense. A request for basic security in delivery/distribution of goods along with individual securities would be made, along with a request for some low level technology (some of which we already have but is buried) such as fabrication equipment, greater yielding food crop/seeds, systems which allow us to reinvent transportation, waste disposal and clean up among a few other basic initial needs. No one becomes richer or better off than anyone else, simply earn rewards along with some basic credit system to allow for individual commerce. I will stop here, please ask questions, this is a dialogue. Working on these issues as a group is all we really have.”

“Transparency in all things. No one is above scrutiny in effort of preventing such corruption of the representatives.”  

“There will indeed be government, republic, representatives from the body with governing bodies supporting and observing those, drawn again from the public at large. All legal moves are visible and every group/individual’s voice is listened to. Something for everyone my friend, good people guiding the further development of our society, delivering peace and prosperity to the globe. There is always going to be a ruling body, who those people are is how the world evolves.”  

“…I can only hope… ..that people will see the horror coming down upon our nation, indeed our entire civilization. While I defend an individual with this effort, I also find an equally great cause. One which the founding fathers of our nation shared. The ideal of Liberty, for one and for all. They stood for this concept, they bled and died for this. Soldiers and police continue to do it as well as the hard working public, we each must live by the legacy left before us and by the calling which enabled our nation to be realized. The effort is not for one group or one cause, it is for the greatest cause, it is for the most humanitarian end. This is an effort we are all called upon to support, it is an effort that is the core duty of our collaborative endeavor to form “A more perfect Union:. Liberty. Justice for All. To realize it we must stand for it, we must continue to step toward the goal, as our fathers did in the legacy they left with their cause. It is shocking to see such a level of commitment to the common good, in modern society. That very realization is the splash of water to the face that is to serve as our wake up call, that it is time we stand and we unite. This is the only effort, until it is realized….”  


“Friends, this scenario is part of the transition. Tensions like these (and greater) are and will be part of the development we are experiencing. I even believe that they are a necessary part of our evolution. The personal importance looms on who are for or against something. Our challenge is to stay flawless despite all this, trying to reach the critical mass necessary for that to achieve the inevitable change. I think the focus of this unique moment is right to reach this change peacefully. Provocations are condiments that test us. Enjoy the trip. Peace and harmony to this family.”