The Community

We are the community. You are the community, your voice matters just as much as the rest, your freedom and happiness matters just as much as any one else’s. You are entitled to this from birth and no one can take it away from you, they can only deprive you of the benefits you deserve.

How do you join? You are already a member of Community Planet Earth. We are the World Community as a Whole, including All. The world is already united with the internet alone, you have come to this site, interacted with it, read and processed in your mind the ideal. That is all it takes to become more aware, to begin to realize these simple facts.

How do you get involved? Support The Community of Earth in any way you would like. Talk about it what you learn. Share it. Continue to grow. We are working on the continual evolution of our Home World. We are the Community of Earth, we are the caretakers. Awaken and be free!