A good start is to read the Renewed Declaration of Independence For the People of the World. You can find it, a short read, here as well as references to Founding Documents on archive which enforce individual rights and freedom here

If you would like, you can make a personal affirmation or say a prayer to your self to support our purpose of unifying the globe and making life better for everyone.

An example could be, say to yourself “Community Planet Earth resonates with me, I feel that we can make the difference”…

This is something that is totally personal, for each person. All spiritual support is welcome.

I, named at birth in the assumed territory of the United States of America as Joshua Hickman have chosen to exercise my rights and act as a sovereign individual. I freely enter into agreement that the group that is the community of the planet earth is in fact a sovereign nation with an unwritten government. I agree to abide by the principles of ensuring human rights for all as Ambassador and representative for the people of the planet earth community.